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Inertia Creeps


Do you ever get the feeling of apathy sometimes? You’re physically present but your mind isn’t cooperating… and somehow, unwanted forces call for sudden change and you refuse to be swayed. Inertia Creeps. You want to be still. Be still.

LemeLeme Addiction

Cam whores and frustrated photographers like me are the most likely ones to get addicted to this app. And since I love vintage and old school themes and photographs, this definitely keeps me up all night.  ♥

Hasta Mañana Chang

Before putting up this blog, I vowed not to post in my angry and sad emotions. I will try my best to conceal them and only show off positive vibes. But I would have to break that promise…

I’ve seen and witnessed relatives and friends die of cancer. This is the third time a relative of mine was taken away because of the horrible disease. I hope and pray that someday, humankind’s intelligence would be enough to save lives, especially those of cancer patients. May we soon find cure and all be healed, both physically and spiritually.



Why I want to see Barcelona

Who wouldn’t want to see Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz make out on-screen? Plus Javier Bardem’s wild character and seductive voice… this film spells S-E-X-Y. But besides the complicated love affairs and daring love scenes, the sexiest part of the film (for me) is the setting. Barcelona.

I used to think that Paris is the only city of love and romance. But after seeing this film, I immediately fell in love with Barcelona. The exquisite city boasts of its architecture, admirable landscapes and rich culture.

My cousin Ian, who has already been to Barcelona, can attest to its magnificence. And according to him, “It is indeed a city of love and romance”. I can only imagine why.

I definitely recommend this movie because it is well thought of. The witty lines and funny yet complex story is worth seeing. Woody Allen never seems to fail me, as always.


DISCLAIMER: Pictures found on this post are all from google.

A damsel in perfect solace

As a child, I’ve always been fascinated with fairy tales, princesses from rags to riches, and knights in shining armor. I believed in the concept of love and finding your soul-mate. I dreamed of having to find my own prince someday and was looking forward to the journey I’ve had to face finding him. But those were fiction. And finding love, as what these tales instill in us, is never easy after all.

Most people say you’ll know when you’ve find the right one for you. But I have no idea how would they know, how would I know? And if so, divorce shouldn’t exist right?

So, how will you know?

You won’t. You will never really know it unless you tried. And that’s what usually happens to everyone. They met through a common friend. Fall in love. And all of a sudden, they knew. Got married, have kids. Then, reality sinks in. They were not meant to be together. They’re better off as friends or (much worse) strangers. So what happened to the fairy tales we once dreamed of? It was not really a happy ending after all.

Pardon my cynical views here. But there still is (thank GOD) hope. We could still dream and walk the path that leads to happy endings.

You ask how? I’ll show you how:

Get to know yourself first. Know what you want and do not want. Know your boundaries and limitations. You’ll never be totally happy with anyone else unless you’re happy with yourself. It always has to start from you.

Be each other’s best friend.  A relationship doesn’t always revolve around romance, love and sex. You have to be friends and accept each other for what you truly are.

Always work things out. Couples who have made their relationship or marriage successful always find a way to make things work. Do not give up. Learn to compromise.

Make GOD the center of your lives. His powerful force and love shall save you. Always seek his guidance and be grateful for everything he does. And he will lead you to the right path.

I’d like to think I’ve already found the right one for me. But what I’m sure of is I’m in bliss right now, in perfect solace. ♥

Pixie Girl & Veronika

I started on a book called “Veronika Decides to Die” by Paulo Coelho. As I flip through the pages of this writer extraordinaire, I can’t help but admire his brilliance of coming up with such story. The character, Veronika not only speaks for people who have suicidal tendencies or are depressed and lost. She magnifies what all of us (at some point) want to be. Free.

Caution: This novel will make you think and (might) feel a bit depressed, relating it to yourself and the current events in your life.

I was feeling a bit down for no reason at all and I blame Veronika for that. Hence, I downloaded the pixie girl wallpaper to somehow help stir the mood up.

And I wore my new hot pink sweater (from trevisé) too, for ego boost! ^_^

If all things must come to an end

There I was, rummaging through my head. In search for the right words to fill in the void. Is it really over? Back in 2006, I did not know what to expect when I entered the music scene. All I wanted then was to express myself through my own words and melodies. Little did I know that I’ll soon be able to grasp my dreams and even more. 20 original songs. About a hundred gigs or more, everywhere in Metro Manila. 2 really talented musicians/producers backing me up. It was surreal and yet it had to end…

But if all things must come to an end, GOD will truly find a way to open up new doors for you. You just have to be patient and grateful. So, that’s exactly what I did. And we were saved!

Boy Ramos (The Thought, Watari’s Machine) and Rembrandt Vocalan (Dayuhan) are the 2 newest addition to the band. I also call them my music heroes.