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Why I want to see Barcelona

Who wouldn’t want to see Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz make out on-screen? Plus Javier Bardem’s wild character and seductive voice… this film spells S-E-X-Y. But besides the complicated love affairs and daring love scenes, the sexiest part of the film (for me) is the setting. Barcelona.

I used to think that Paris is the only city of love and romance. But after seeing this film, I immediately fell in love with Barcelona. The exquisite city boasts of its architecture, admirable landscapes and rich culture.

My cousin Ian, who has already been to Barcelona, can attest to its magnificence. And according to him, “It is indeed a city of love and romance”. I can only imagine why.

I definitely recommend this movie because it is well thought of. The witty lines and funny yet complex story is worth seeing. Woody Allen never seems to fail me, as always.


DISCLAIMER: Pictures found on this post are all from google.