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A damsel in perfect solace

As a child, I’ve always been fascinated with fairy tales, princesses from rags to riches, and knights in shining armor. I believed in the concept of love and finding your soul-mate. I dreamed of having to find my own prince someday and was looking forward to the journey I’ve had to face finding him. But those were fiction. And finding love, as what these tales instill in us, is never easy after all.

Most people say you’ll know when you’ve find the right one for you. But I have no idea how would they know, how would I know? And if so, divorce shouldn’t exist right?

So, how will you know?

You won’t. You will never really know it unless you tried. And that’s what usually happens to everyone. They met through a common friend. Fall in love. And all of a sudden, they knew. Got married, have kids. Then, reality sinks in. They were not meant to be together. They’re better off as friends or (much worse) strangers. So what happened to the fairy tales we once dreamed of? It was not really a happy ending after all.

Pardon my cynical views here. But there still is (thank GOD) hope. We could still dream and walk the path that leads to happy endings.

You ask how? I’ll show you how:

Get to know yourself first. Know what you want and do not want. Know your boundaries and limitations. You’ll never be totally happy with anyone else unless you’re happy with yourself. It always has to start from you.

Be each other’s best friend.  A relationship doesn’t always revolve around romance, love and sex. You have to be friends and accept each other for what you truly are.

Always work things out. Couples who have made their relationship or marriage successful always find a way to make things work. Do not give up. Learn to compromise.

Make GOD the center of your lives. His powerful force and love shall save you. Always seek his guidance and be grateful for everything he does. And he will lead you to the right path.

I’d like to think I’ve already found the right one for me. But what I’m sure of is I’m in bliss right now, in perfect solace. ♥