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Let me start by saying “Hi”

If you happen to find yourself reading this blog and is somewhat lost; Hello there and Welcome!  Hope you find something interesting enough to stay.

Is there such a thing as a blog addict? If there is, well then, I guess I am one of them. I’ve created TONS of blogpost, wordpress, and even tumblr accounts. But I still can’t maintain any of them far long enough. Or maybe I have A.D.D.? So now, I promised myself to make a new one (and maintain it regularly), wherein I will/can post anything everything! From food, music, movie and book reviews to fashion finds, travels and the latest events around the Metro. I will also, from time to time, post pictures of moi, ’cause I have moods of dressing up too.  So, yeah, you can call it a fashion and a personal journal in one.

Come and join me! Your questions, comments and suggestions are more than welcome. C’est la vie!  🙂