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Purple is the New Red

Way back in high school and college, when asked which color is my favorite, I automatically say (with no hesitations), “Red”. But when you visit my closet, you can hardly see a red in it. It’s mostly whites, blues, yellows and pinks. So where did I get that my favorite color is red? Where else but my mom’s.

As I grew up and start to spread my own wings, away from my mom’s shadow (somehow)… I began to realize and discover myself more. And yes, that involves picking my OWN favorite color too.

Now, when people ask me which color is my favorite, I automatically say (with no hesitations), “Orange”. But when you visit my closet, you can hardly see an orange in it. It’s all whites, pinks, blues, yellows and mostly purples.


Storm Raging Polka-dots

I had a deal with my current best friend/former boss who’s now based in China (and is also a fellow chictopian). I will design/create her personal logo in exchange for awesome outfits to fill my now-boring-closet. Now, how can I resist that? 😉

If you haven’t noticed yet, I have an obsession for ruffles and polka-dots, and I think my mom is to blame for it. She’s one of my inspirations when it comes to fashion. Now, I am very delighted to have a new addition to my polka-dot collection. Today’s outfit, which came in last week fresh from my friend in China: a polka-dotted jumpsuit. The hot pink belt which stood out from the black and white circles made the outfit complete. I paired it with a denim jacket to keep me warm under a stormy weather.

My Rainbow has Peacock details

I was supposed to attend my best friend’s baby’s first birthday but wasn’t able to because we had no car and the weather sucks at the same time. Too bad I missed the party.

I wore this colorful ensemble contrasting the gloomy weather. Although things didn’t work out the way we planned it, found an alternative way of spending the rainy afternoon.

We originally planned to watch Transformers but as expected on a Saturday afternoon, Greenbelt cinema tickets are sold out. So we had a simple dinner and had coffee instead.

Just behind my office in Rufino Tower, a strip of restaurants and food stops (including jolly jeep) can be found. And this is our first time to try Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things, which we both enjoyed.

Their buffalo wings are truly delectable, plus your choice of fries or rice with salsa. Their Fan Faves (Php 199.00) includes large iced tea is definitely worth it.


Then off to Figaro Greenbelt.

Next to UCC, Figaro is my choice. I love the ambiance and the coffee. They also serve pasta and rice meals (which are a bit pricey). You can never go wrong with Figaro and their coffee especially on a gloomy, rainy afternoon like this.