Vibrant hues of my imagination and my real world.

I am not my designs nor my songs

They’re just pieces of me…

Born and raised as a Catholic but somehow believes she’s an old soul who’s already lived in the past. She’s a pessimist who likes to dream big, and a realist who believes in miracles.

I’m a two-faced creature.One’s so passive and always feeling guilty everytime I’m happy. The other one’s so demanding, always seeking for unexplained/limitless satisfaction (if there is any). Even if I’m having’ a hard time pleasing myself, I’m aware of the things and people I should appreciate and be thankful for having. I’m a person who lives her life under the rules. I sometimes break ’em but I still try my best not to. I sometimes feel I’m too hard on myself. But what the heck, I still go on. I know GOD is with me all the time. I really am a pessimistic person, I always think of the cons, instead of the pros. ‘Cause I hate disappointments. I mean,who doesn’t? I’m a low profile type of person, except for those who really knew me, I know in one way or another, I somehow touched their lives, may it be in a positive or negative way. (Well,I hope positive lang!) I’m an ordinary human being with the gift of a powerful faith,patience and compassion. Its just really frustrating to have almost everything you could ever ask for and still feeling empty/unsatisfied. Well, I guess thats the cons of being mortal.



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