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The wanderer continues…


This is the first time (in 4 years) me and my friends failed to book for a summer trip getaway. Different excuses and reasons arose. And we have nothing left to do but whine and regret not buying a ticket.

I thought my wandering days are over…

But thanks to promo deals websites, I was able to grab a 3-day Boracay trip for 2. Matt and I have been waiting long enough to grab a deal such as this. So, we booked our trip on August. Just in time for our 4th Anniversary. (I hope and pray our booked dates will be sunny though.)

Boracay - Photo from

And just last week, my brother booked us (my whole family) a trip to Singapore! Yay! It’s going to be my first time to travel outside the Philippines. I am really excited. 🙂

Singapore - Photo from

And since we’ll be flying to Singapore, my brother (who used to work in Malaysia) said we can take a 5-hour bus trip to Kuala Lumpur. His second home. 😉

Kuala Lumpur - Photo from

I’m really stoked. All I could think about is this, but I would have to wait for a few more months. And so, the wanderer continues…

Happy New Year!