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Archive for November, 2011

A Beautiful Mind

I want to see things as a 12-yr old again. Back then, I don’t see the ugly nor the bad. I always believed that each and everyone is created beautifully in their own way. And I pity those who can’t see beauty within themselves. And I pray for them. I was once filled with hopes and dreams. I never thought of how hard I’ll have to work for it, I just focus on the goal and strive for it. I was brave when it comes to dreaming.

I never looked at other people’s physical appearances. Although I do know how to distinguish beautiful from ugly, it was never really an issue for me. ‘Cause our parents taught us that having a pure heart is what truly matters.

Growing up as the youngest and only girl, Mama and Papa were really strict. So I also grew up in fear. Fear of committing a mistake. Fear of turning them and the people around me down. Fear of not being good enough.

So in the eyes of a 12-yr old me, I never expected others to be perfect… But I try my hardest to at least come close to being perfect.


Why I hate Rob

You know how I love chill-out songs, and therefore, love hearing ambienty and almost ethereal voices… That’s why I hate Rob Thomas’ singing voice. Everytime I hear him straining his own vocal chords, it stings in my ear. The stinging sound I also hear from Britney Spears.

That’s right. Rob Thomas is the male counterpart of Britney Spears. It all makes sense now.