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Dear Broken Heart

I have zilch memory of you. Or so I thought…

You dropped by yesterday which caught me off guard. I had no clue I’d be seeing you again, not right now. But your visit reminded me and made me realize things about myself. My weaknesses and stuff I should do to avoid you.

What’s insane is that I was able to take a glimpse of  the status of my relationship through an objective point of view. Feelings and emotions enclosed for a while. And however cliché it may sound, truth does hurt. That’s where you came in, continuously knocking on my door, not taking “no” for an answer. You wanted to stay. So bad.

Your grip was very strong. You’re like a devil whispering in my head. You won’t let me go. And I almost gave in. Almost.

But then I met his eyes. His eyes were like skies that will rain. I felt his warm hands over mine. I felt the fast beating of his heart through his chest. And I can’t stop crying. I love him so much, no amount of words could ever explain…

I’m sorry broken heart. You can’t stay here for long anymore. I hope not to see you ever again. But thank you for letting me take a step back to analyze things.


Note to Thy Self: Things aren’t always what they seem

You know something’s wrong when he often gets mad at you for every little thing you do, or when he starts to look at other girls (not discreetly) this time. But you ask him what’s wrong? Are you mad at me? And he only smiles at you and put his arms around you like nothing’s wrong.

When did all of this start? Why didn’t I even notice it? Am I too stubborn and complacent? Or are you too sensitive?

I haven’t felt anything like this again since I met you. I never thought I’d cry in my sleep again, not because of you.

However hurt I am, I still thank you for being honest enough to admit that you think of another girl that way. However shocked I am, I still thank you for telling me all this that you’re not ready yet. However guilty I am, I still thank you for giving “us” another chance…

Like I said, I’m willing to wait if that’s what it takes to let you know how much I love you and how much I want to be the “one” for you.

Headlines Today: More Killings

  • Man killed in front of wife, son in Pampanga
  • Jail guard killed in Antique hostage-taking
  • 2 killed in Misamis Oriental rebel attack
  • Restaurant owner killed in Cavite
  • Security guard killed by fellow guard in CDO
  • Lawyer killed in Dumaguete

On the ABS-CBN today, links to these are what I found. Makes me wonder, are we truly that unsafe nowadays? Isn’t there any “positive” news our media could provide? Isn’t there any other breaking news reports available besides unsolved crimes, murderers, senate hearings, KC- Piolo break-up, and terrorist bombings?

Too much negativity results to cynical views and probably a loser-dom nation.