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Last Few Years of My 20’s-hood

You know you’re getting old when you prefer music you grew up listening to instead of the music currently playing on the radio. You know you’ve matured when you almost always find yourself enjoying the company of people who have substance more than just people to laugh with and share gossip with. You know you’re leaving your 20’s-hood behind when all of your friends and classmates are either getting married or are starting to raise their own family. You know that when your bills start to bloat dramatically, it’s the start of a responsibility and a future much bigger.

And where could have all the years gone by?

Besides having signs of wrinkles and dry skin, metabolism slowing down and blood sugar problems; I’ve also stored a number of memories and experiences to cherish, mistakes and wrong decisions to learn from, more pictures and videos of me, my family and friends collected, gained much more confidence and aggressiveness, made new friends, etc.

I pretty much have had an adventurous ride of life which makes me wanting and hoping for more… Cheers to my 28 years, 8 months, and 18 days of existence, cheers to my last few years (or months rather) of 20’s-hood!


Purple is the New Red

Way back in high school and college, when asked which color is my favorite, I automatically say (with no hesitations), “Red”. But when you visit my closet, you can hardly see a red in it. It’s mostly whites, blues, yellows and pinks. So where did I get that my favorite color is red? Where else but my mom’s.

As I grew up and start to spread my own wings, away from my mom’s shadow (somehow)… I began to realize and discover myself more. And yes, that involves picking my OWN favorite color too.

Now, when people ask me which color is my favorite, I automatically say (with no hesitations), “Orange”. But when you visit my closet, you can hardly see an orange in it. It’s all whites, pinks, blues, yellows and mostly purples.

A “Silent Hill” Morning

This morning was an uncanny one.  As I opened our front door, a thick fog lay before my eyes. Being the pessimist and cautious person that I am, I panicked and walked outside the street. Our neighbors don’t seem to worry, not minding the low-cloud which hides the trees and the alleys. I can hear one of them say, “it’s just a fog”.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Tagaytay and Baguio.  And so, I find it strange and somewhat impossible to have a thick foggy morning in Metro Manila. The “silent hill” ambiance is a bit scary yet makes me want to go right back at my bed and dream this day away.

Non-stop rain and storm clouded us for the past weeks, and today was the first time we ever get to see the sun rise again. Hence, Mr. Fog visited, reminding us all that the sun will soon shine again.